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There are presently no open calls for submissions.


Please adhere to the following guidelines. If you fail to do so, we may not be able to accept your submission.

Before uploading your file, please make sure that your file is named properly (title of the piece) and that the content of the file does not include your name. If your name is on your submission it may not be reviewed. (Media is the only exception to the blind judging rule, as we recognize it’s difficult to remove the credits from the introductions of some short films.)

Proper file formats are as follows:

Poetry, Nonfiction, Fiction, Scripts: Must be submitted in either pdf, docx*, or rtf. Please submit all of your poems in separate files.

*If you used track changes or other editing software make sure you have resolved the edits or they will appear in your submission.

Scripts originally written in celtx.: Must be submitted in pdf form.


Two-dimensional work

  • Scan the work if possible and submit the image.
  • If you cannot scan the work, take a quality photo of the work that accurately represents the original.
  • The photo must be 72 ppi or more for the online edition, and 300 dpi or more for the print edition.
    • EX: You want your image to print 3 X 5 inches, your image needs to be 900 X 1500 pixels to print at 300 dpi.
    • EX: Image width in pixels / 300 = max printed image width in inches
  • Light the artwork evenly so that there are no shadows or light beams on the surface of the work.
  • Crop the photo around the work so that nothing but the artwork is in the photo.

Three-dimensional work

  • Submit 2-3 photos of the work from different angles.
  • Photograph the work the way you intend to present it. For example, on a pedestal or hung from the ceiling, etc.
  • In the photograph, include the space that the work occupies.
  • Do not include objects in the photo other than the work.


  • For film, submit a Word .docx file or .pdf with a video link to your short film.
  • For music, upload the audio file for your song or submit a document with a video link to your song.
  • If there is sheet music to accompany your audio file, upload it in a separate submission under the same title.
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